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Guest post: The People’s Kitchen in Stockwell


This week, we changed settings once again, and visited a group of creative women from diverse European and African countries in Saint Stephens children’s centre in Stockwell. Here is what Leila, Community Development… Continue reading

Building the mobile kitchen, lego, the joy of making, and a call to play with your food


You’re probably 8 years old. It’s probably Sunday. Your mum invites your auntie for tea. Your auntie brings your cousin along. You find your cousin a bit weird, and you’re no sure what… Continue reading

Waste Reduction Challenge Prize: we are finalists and delighted!


Hello there! We’ve been a little silent lately. We have decided to take a break in February, because we are busy planning! We have been selected as a finalist in the £50,000 Waste… Continue reading

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